Karmojibi Nari started its journey on 1st of May, the International Labour day, twenty-five years ago, is still marching on the road of women rights and equal dignity. Over the years KN organized formal and informal sectors’ workers especially the women workers, strengthened their leadership capacity and advocating with concerned authorities to harmonize the existing regulations, amend and/or enact new one and effective implementation of the laws for the well-being of workers.

KN started organizing the worker to make them prepare for demanding their regulatory rights by forming “Cell” and develops their own organization in their respective community. RMG is the largest women workers concentrated formal labour sector, where TU is merely present and practiced. From 1996 KN not only organizes the female workers of RMG sector but also started uniting other workers in the formal and informal sector in their factories as well as in their respective localities. And from 2005 KN works for the recognition of agricultural workers as ‘worker’ engaged in the agriculture sector. KN always raises its voice to influence policy for good governance in migration management and greater awareness of the potential and outgoing migrant women workers on their rights. KN also deals with health awareness and the primary healthcare and HIV/AIDS issues among the disadvantaged and neglected women and women workers of Dhaka city and aware about the personal health, family health, reproductive health and occupational health related issues. KN also provides legal support to the workers of formal sector industries and helps women and women workers to get remedy regarding their conflicts. Thus, the workers become confident to struggle with the owners for establishing rights and dignity.

Besides finding ways to fight various prevailing problems of women workers in their factories and at their localities there was added stress on reforming or enacting related laws and regulations at the national level, which has a serious impact on the women workers. KN struggled for the National Women Development Policy 2011 since 2004 after the first declaration of the policy in 1997. Besides, Violence against women is another dimension KN works and motivated mass for implementing women development policy and Domestic Violence Act, 2010.

All the movements of KN are an indispensable part of the movement for social change. Besides movements for women workers, women and workers, KN participates and cooperates mostly in the movement of society’s democratic transformation. KN concentrates on two other important issues; one is on international trade policies vis-à-vis other structural policies and the other one is corporate social responsibility. Gender sensitivity and promotion of women’s rights and equal access for women in all the program and projects are the primary focus of KN.

Although it is purely a rights based activist organization, KN also has been facilitating different kinds of promotional programmes including daycare centers for the children of female RMG workers, human and skill development training for women and workers, interest-free loans for the agricultural workers for promoting IGA during the workless period. It also provides supports to women and workers during disaster and emergency period.

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